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I Prodotti della Klevers Italiana trovano uso nel settore automotive in diverse applicazioni , su macchine movimento terra , su escavatrici , macchine per l'edilizia , sia su vetture ed automobili.

Alcuni esempi di applicazioni sono:

  • Protezione delle parti plastiche
  • Protezione Cofanature
  • Protezione Silenziatori, collettori, tubazioni
  • Protezioni tubi olio, tubi benzina


motoThe products properly studied to the automotive branch can be employed as from the suggestions below:

Exhaust pipes / manifold : wrap around the exhaust pipes a glass fiber tape. We deal with two types: type 'HT75', resistant to high temperature (750°C); standard one, up to 500°C. These are useful, as long as, the plastic and carbon parts - such as lateral shells, under-saddle and all the other parts - usually result into an overheating, when laying close to the exhaust pipes of bikers.


Products Klevers Italiana find applications in various fields

  • Aircraft
  • Naval
  • Nautico
  • Power
  • Generatio
  • Automotive
  • Motorcycle Industrial (medical, food, foundries, acciierie, glass, sound proof, insulated ..)